The Blogger Recognition Award

I was nominated for yet another award! (Because apparently people like to nominate me for that shit:P Can’t say I’m complaining though). The award is called the blogger recognition award, (if the title of this post didn’t make that obvious), and I’m very thrilled and thankful for the nomination. I want to thank meharmalhotra, (, … More The Blogger Recognition Award

Yet Another Tragedy

On 11 June the world lost yet another talented artist and inhabitant on this planet called Earth. Some of you might’ve heard that Christina Grimmie got shot while signing autographs,(for a reason still unknown), by some stupid son of a bitch. She was rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately she didn’t make it. It’s not … More Yet Another Tragedy

An Upcoming Adventure

I WON A TRIP TO CHINA! Wow, I just had to get that off my chest, since I’m like still really overwhelmed 😛 Now you’re probably just like ‘whuuut…’, but don’t worry I’ll explain. In the municipality where I live there has been a competition each year, for about 3 years now, where you get … More An Upcoming Adventure