The Black Cat Blue Sea Award

So my plan had been to post something 2 days ago, but then we went to visit some friends and when we got home again it was past midnight, so that didn’t happen.

Then I wanted to write a post yesterday, but when I finally opened my computer it was fucking dead and I couldn’t find a place to charge it, because we’re in our caravan and the only sockets here have two holes, where my charger has 3 of those thingies you plug in.
Long story short, I basically just gave up and decided to do it tonight instead.
And then here we are.
(Rant over, and now I’m just gonna start like I didn’t just write all that)

I was nominated for another award, so that’s what this post is gonna be about.
“The Black Cat Blue Sea Award” is an award I have never heard of before, but I’m thrilled to be have been nominated for it nonetheless, so thank you Zoe169 for choosing me as one of the seven lucky ones!

These are the rules for the award:


Here’s the questions I got:

1. If you could have one thing in the world, what would it be?
– An infinite amount of money to spend on books… Heh, just kidding, if I could have one thing it would be peace in the world, but I know that’s definitely not a wish Santa can grant. The ability to finish writing something one day, would be pretty neat too.

2. What would your dream partner be like?
– Like a best friend. I’d love to just be able to feel completely comfortable around the person, be able to share emotions and talk about everything. If the person was trustworthy, funny, kind and seriously in love with me I’d be sold.

3. What was your favourite animal as a young child and is it still your favourite?
– My favorite animal used to be a horse and I used to do horseback riding a lot, but now it’s a panda, hands down. I freaking love them. Maybe I should consider asking Santa for one next time:P It might be a bit more realistic than world peace.

The seven lovely people I nominate:

My questions for you:

1. What is your biggest fear?
2. What do you love the most about yourself?
3. Have you ever been in love?

That’s it for now guys. I’ll see you soon… (I won’t say when because now we all know how that turned out last time:P)

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