Some News And A Lil’ Poem

Habari everyone!
I hope your week has been great (or at least just somewhat bearable). Yesterday I personally did absolutely nothing, like seriously. I took about 5 naps and basically just kept refreshing YouTube all day in the hopes that they’d recommend me something new and exciting. I’m not gonna lie, it was kinda nice to spend a day like that, but at the same time I hated it. Doing nothing should be relaxing but sometimes it just stresses me out instead. Anyone else who can relate to this?

The funny thing is that then today I was hit with a sudden boost of motivation and an urge to be productive and just get shit done. And so I started and finished a couple of assignments I have for the coming week, finally cleaned my room AND now I’m blogging. Like damn. I did not see that coming this morning 😛

What I had in mind with this post was that it’d be a mix of two things: a silly little poem and some exciting ∼adventure∼ news. Because why not.

But yes, I have a very exciting travel adventure coming up veeeery soon. As in, less than a month from now I’ll be travelling to Kenya!! AND I AM SO EXCITED. I’ve never been to Africa before so it’s gonna be an entirely new adventure for me. I’m going because I’m a member of this charity group at my school that supports an organisation called Momentum Trust. It’s an organisation that helps local farmers in Kenya and focuses on teaching them so that they can help themselves instead of only providing them with emergency assistance.
I think we’re around 8-10 students and 2 teachers going in total and we’ll be spending 8 days there. I don’t know much about what we’re going to be doing there but I really look forward to it 🙂

Travelling somewhere new

Now that I’ve told you about that, here’s the lil’ poem as promised ;P In one of my English classes we were asked to write a response to the shepherd in “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” by Christopher Marlowe. Half of the class had to write prose, the other half had to make theirs rhyme. Mine was supposed to be prose, but somehow I couldn’t stop myself from rhyming most of the way through 😛

It’s not exactly very good but I had fun throwing it together in those 15 minutes or so we had. So yeah, enjoy!

I’m sorry
I can’t come live with you
I can’t be your love
I know you can’t give me all the things I’m dreaming of

Be realistic, you’re just a shepherd
You can’t offer me amber, much less gold
I won’t have a gown of the finest wool
I’ll just be cold

And think about it, will you
Roses have thorns
If I lay upon a bed made of them
I won’t be beautiful anymore

Lastly, I’d rather be spared the dancing
And I could do without the singing too
It won’t delight me – I’ll be traumatized
So please just let me be

I’m sorry
I won’t come live with you
I won’t be your love
I know you can’t give me all the things I’m dreaming of

This is probably the most random blog post I’ve done in a while ahaha.
No matter the randomness, thanks a lot for reading! As always, it’s much appreciated.
Also, if any of you’ve ever been to Kenya I’d love to hear about your experiences – hearing from you guys always makes my day ❤

Kwaheri! (Goodbye in Swahili)

I’ll see you soon xx

9 thoughts on “Some News And A Lil’ Poem

  1. Haha, it’s hard to enjoy the time off that we need sometimes isn’t it? I guess we get conditioned to think that if we are not madly working then we are wasting our time. Good on you for taking it easy though – you’ll be busy enough soon I’m sure!

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  2. This is the first post of yours that I have read and you know my first blog was called randomness-abound because it was just so random all the time. I have found a bit of focus now so that’s good.

    Coming back to your post, I completely hear you – I keep complaining I have no free time but can never not do anything when I do have a bit of it haha. Glad to hear about your upcoming adventure, am sure a new continent will be full of surprises and new adventures. Looking forward to hearing about it !

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    1. Well thanks for stopping by then! 😀 Aha yeah, I definitely don’t have a niche yet…:P
      And yes exactly! Whenever I’m stressing around I always pray for a free weekend or something but then when it’s there I feel restless and I’d rather be occupied 😛 It’s probably not very healthy tbh…
      I’m also really looking forward to the trip and I’m sure it’ll be great too. I can’t wait to share everything when I get back!
      Thanks a lot for commenting xx
      Have a great day!


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