A Very Short Short Story

Hola chicos!
I hope you’re all doing well.
Yesterday we had to write a little short story in my English class, where the theme was “challenges in a relationship across cultural borders” and there were also all these words we had to incorporate into the story somehow. Hence the beginning of my little story 😛

I have other ideas for posts I’d like to write but they’re going to be a bit more time consuming, so I though, why not share something that was already written? It definitely isn’t great and most of the way through I had no idea where I was even going with it 😛
Despite of that I thought it turned out semi-okay. I am trying to get back into creative writing after all and the only way to someday be able to write something good is by practicing. Even if it means one crappy story, poem etc after the other.

Now that we’ve established that; do read my very short short story if you feel like it 🙂


A Short Story

The attraction and passion were there, that much they knew for sure. There was blushing, bliss, excitement, romance and candlelit dinners too. All the things that, on paper, constituted a healthy relationship but didn’t speak of all the things that went on behind the fun and happiness. What people didn’t know was how the candlelit dinners always ended up being about everyone else than them and that the excitement came from being able to walk down the street together, free of too many stares.
People didn’t realize how their love was squashed by everyone’s opinions on their relationship and that their joy turned to sadness whenever their parents looked at them disapprovingly. Whenever they visited her family all they could see him as was a foreigner and when they went home to his family they wouldn’t keep quiet about how they wished he’d find a nice Pakistani girl instead.
That wasn’t even the worst thing though. The worst thing was how everyone assumed it was still temporary. A fase they were both going through. Like their relationship wasn’t a long-term commitment and had been so for the last 2 years. They felt they should be mad at their parents but no matter how much they tried to convince each other that they weren’t at fault for causing torment in their families, they still yearned for their care and approval.
Even though they lived together in the US, in her home town, it didn’t feel like a home to any of them. Not really. He missed his country and she missed what her home used to feel like. One day they made the decision to leave it behind. Having had enough of the guilt and the disapproval, they decided to compromise and chose a new home in a new country. Somewhere they could start over without the heavy weight of their families dissatisfaction on their shoulders.

So yeah. That was what I was able to whip it in a little over an hour. (I first tried writing an English sonnet, since you could choose between that and the short story, but I gave up on the second verse line. It is waaaay to difficult to write in iambic pentameter).

If you feel like the ending of the short story was a bit rushed, then I agree. I was running out of time but I still wanted to finish it 😛

What did you think? Do you think I met the criteria of the assignment?
Let me know your thoughts, I promise I won’t bite 😉

Thanks (again) for reading another very random post of mine.

Happy Wednesdays guys xx

4 thoughts on “A Very Short Short Story

  1. Nice post, I often wonder, what is it that people expect from each other in a relationship? To what extent is a relationship, like a carrier choice? To what level does it become mechanical and where does the real person start? Families would sure add extra complication 🙂

    You have a nice story-line. Would enjoy reading if you develop it.

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