My First Time In Africa – Kenya Day 3

It’s happened. I’m finally back with another post about my trip to Kenya. I’m sure you thought it’d never happen but alas, here we are ;P
It’s not a necessity to have read the previous post, but if you fancy reading about day 1 and 2, you can find that post here.

And without further ado, here’s how day 3 went by in Kenya  →

Kenya 2018 #2

Day 3:
October 4th

Our first breakfast in Kenya consisted of eggs, bananas, chapatis and mandazis. The chapati was a kind of flat bread and the mandazis were some sort of greasy buns, that kind of reminded me of donuts. I was really pleasantly surprised by this meal, since the teachers had said that we’d probably just be eating toast with jam. This was definitely way better!

After breakfast, we went to visit the office of Momentum Trust, that was located in the village. The two men working there told us more about the project and how it was going. It was crazy to hear how much our contributions actually made a difference.
We were told, that the farmers in the area, were organized in groups, so that they could help each other out and collect money to pay back the loans given by Momentum Trust.

During the day we visited two of these farmer groups. To get there we had to ride on motorcycles, or what the locals called boda bodas. There were a ton of boda boda drivers everywhere as they were used as taxis. You’d pay, and they’d take you wherever you needed to go.

We had to be two of us and then one driver on each bike, and even though it was a tight fit, everyone made it there safely.
It was so fun and to my luck we had to use boda bodas as our mode of transportation a lot 😀

boda boda
The boda bodas!

At the first farmers meeting we all sat in a circle, and they told us about their experience working with Momentum Trust. It was nice to hear from the farmers, and one of the women in the group even showed us where she lived. It was really great to get to speak to them, and get a sense of how they lived, and what their every day life looked like.

The meeting was held in the shadow of this tree

At the second farmers meeting it was a bit more festive. They’d gotten a man to bring his drums, and so when we arrived the first thing we did was dance. It did attract quite a bit of attention, and so we had a lot of curious spectators. We looked absolutely stupid trying to dance like them, but we had fun. Like at the airport, this was such a fun and uplifting moment, that we hadn’t expected at all.
The entire meeting didn’t entirely consist of dancing though. They also talked about their farming and asked us questions about Denmark and our lives.

On the way back to the village a very peculiar thing happened.
My roommate and I were riding with a man named Walter, who was also the caretaker of the building we stayed in.
We were the last ones, and suddenly he pulls over to the side of the road and stops. At this point we’d come to a kind of junction in the road, where there were a couple of buildings and a gas station, so it wasn’t in the middle of nowhere. Walter then asks us to get off, and he says, that there’s something wrong with his boda boda.

Then, like it’s the most normal thing in the world, he yells something to a group of guys who’s sitting under a pent roof with their bikes, and one of them grabs his boda boda and comes over.
Walter gives him some money, tells us not to give the new driver more money (because we’d seen that Walter had already paid him), and then asks us to get on.

And just like that we were on some random guys bike. We also had no idea where we were, and the others were already far ahead. I looked at my roommate and thought, “if we are ever to be kidnapped; this is the time”. Of course that didn’t happen. Though, we did get a bit weirded out when, instead of going forward, he turned and drove back in the direction we’d just come from. It turned out that he just needed some gas. Which was like. Aight. That’s cool dude. Do your thing 😛

We stood out like sore thumbs, while we waited at the gas station, and a few people came over to greet us. A little kid literally walked over, touched our hands and then walked away again.
When we finally got back on the new boda boda it was like a blessing in disguise. This one turned out to be much more comfortable to sit on, and I almost didn’t feel like I was falling off.
It was just such an odd and somewhat crazy experience, and it’s definitely something I remember and think about whenever I look back on our trip.

There was nothing planned for the rest of the day, and so when we got back at around 4 pm, we decided to just take a walk around the village. Today there was a market on the “square”, so it was very lively and filled with people, who were selling and trading seeds, fish, fruits etc.

Not much later it started pouring, which was really sad since all the locals had to pack up all their things.
At the beginning it was hailing, which actually hurt quite a bit, so we sought cover with the locals under their roofs.
We felt kind of bad about taking up so much of their space, so we bought some samosas from one of the ladies. She only wanted 20 Kenyan shillings for four of them! That’s like less than 20 cents. It almost felt like we were robbing her.

The a man came over and we talked about all kinds of things. He also wanted to show us what he worked with, and so he brought us to his little shop. He made flour and wanted to show us how it was done, but unfortunately the electricity was out. It didn’t face him though, he just told us to come back tomorrow, and if he wasn’t there, we were to ask after his second wife, and then she would show us.
And yes, I meant to write ‘second wife’. He had three, and he told us with the biggest smile on his face.
We’d never actually met someone with more than one wife, but he told us that it was a normal thing for them.

For the rest of the evening we didn’t do much. We ate dinner and shared our thoughts about the day.
This time, when nighttime came, I had no trouble falling asleep.

Taken during dinner


And that was the tale of day 3 in Kenya. Phew. A whole day full of experiences and thoughts boiled down to just a little more than a 1000 words. I’m not mad about that 😛
I really like writing everything down, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, and as always, if you’ve got any questions, (or you simply want to have a chat), don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂

Cheer guys xx

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