Hi there! Welcome to my About page. (To those of you stopping by for the first time just now I’ve been meaning to edit this page for a loong time. You’re allowed to cringe, don’t judge a blogger by their About page okay? I promise I’ll fix it one day :P)

I see that you’ve found your way to my blog. I hope you enjoy it here, but if you don’t, no hard feelings. Some people have better things to do than listen to me ramble. And for those, good for you. Congratulations, you have a life. Unlike others *cough*me*cough* Anyways.

I’m basically welcoming you into a world of randomness and bad jokes. I’m not kidding when I say it’s random, or purposely try to be like every other blogger writing random shit, (I know you’re out there), it just happens that you’ve basically just stepped into my mind, and my thoughts are spilling all over the place. Making a mess of things.

I didn’t really mean for this to get so dramatic, I guess it just happened in my attempt to be funny and smart, but at the same time mysterious and different. I try way too hard, but at least I can be honest about it. I like to think that’s what’s gonna make me stand out.

I’m gonna stop now and cut right to the chase, telling you about what you can expect from this blog apart from “randomness”.
I write poems, book reviews, accept challenges, pour out my thoughts and tell stories from my daily life. (’cause life as a 15-year-old girl gets real exciting you know).

Anyways, that was it, if you want to know more about me,(or this blog), don’t be afraid to leave a comment:) (I’m adding a smiley to emphasize that I’m not scary)

Lastly, a quick warning before you continue. I use a lot of parentheses. Once I even think I used a parentheses inside a parentheses.
Yeah…I am well aware that my grammar is fucked up.

I’ve already said way too much in an amount of words way too small.

I guess that’s just a pretty accurate description of me.

I’m gonna end this by leaving you with my email address. If anyone wants to well, email me about anything really, they can do so now:) (There was probably as smoother way to do that, but oh well, it’s done now)