Code Blue

Good evening guys!
I know I’ve been MIA for a little over 2 months but with my trip to Kenya, spending my fall break in Poland and just general laziness and overwhelmed-ness ,(totally not a word but whatever), BOOM! October was gone. Now November is almost over and it’s Christmas soon. Like how.

I wanted my next post to be about said trip to Kenya but I still haven’t quite decided how I’m gonna go about it yet, so instead I’m gonna tell you about something crazy and scary and slightly stupid that happened at my school today.

So to set the scene;
It’s around 12.50, I’m in my Spanish class, it’s third period (out of 4) and we’re a teacher and 10 students in the classroom.

Then the speakers turn on and a message is broadcasted from the office to the entire school. The lady says: “This is a Code Blue, no one is to leave the classrooms and you have to barricade yourselves inside until the police come to get you”.
Our teacher locks the door instantaneously and we all sit there dumbstruck and clueless as to what is happening. Two of the girls in my class break down crying and everyone is really freaked out. We don’t actually barricade the door before after it’s been around 5 minutes because we’re all so surprised. We’ve practiced fire drills so many times but we’ve never encountered anything like this.

My own heart is in my throat, the adrenaline is rushing through me and I’m physically shaking. I text my sister to ask if she knows what ‘Code Blue’ means and if she’s at the school. The answer to both is no.
I text the group chat I have with my sister and two cousins who also go to the same school but they have no idea what’s happening either.
All I can think about is school shootings and how this is not the US but freaking Denmark where incidents like those are practically unheard of. I’m thinking of possible escape routes in my mind, like, would I be able to go out the window or is the drop to far, where can I run etc.

I think a little less than 10 minutes pass before there’s another announcement. The police is here and everybody can relax but we’re still to stay inside the classrooms. Another 3 minutes pass and then they announce that the police have left and that it was all a misunderstanding – no threat had been posed to the school.

And here comes the misunderstanding guys. Some third years had to record a music video for their class and one of the guys had showed up masked and carrying a plastic gun for the sake of the video. He’d then proceeded to drive around the school parking lot (again for the video) and someone who didn’t know about the video had of course alarmed the office.

Like damn. My heart almost beat out of my chest because some dude dressed up and hadn’t thought to notify anyone that he would be doing so.
I’m so glad it wasn’t actually anything serious but I could have been without the fear. Welp. Nothing like feeling alive.

The whole thing had begun and was over in the span of, maybe, 20 minutes maximum and then we wrapped up class real quick and everyone went out into the halls again. Many still had fourth period to attend but a lot of students left school after third, including myself.

It might have been a false alarm – nothing but a stupid misunderstanding – but the fear we’d felt was real.
I really hope I’ll never have to experience anything like this again.

And that, my dear friends, was the end of Story Time.
I do hope you’ve all had a more relaxing day than I did!

On a completely other note I have two things I’m really excited about that I want to share.

#1. I’m going to a Lewis Capaldi concert tomorrow and I really look forward to it! I’m in love with his lyrics and his voice is amazing. It’s at a really small venue so it’s gonna be a really intimate atmosphere, which I’m very excited about. I’ve only ever gone to concerts where there were thousands of people in the crowd.

#2. I GOT TICKETS TO TROYE SIVANS BLOOM TOUR IN THE SPRING AND I’M DYING. When he announced that he was coming to Denmark again it made my day and I knew that I would be hella sad if I didn’t manage to get tickets. I got them on presale and it was soooo stressful. His app kept crashing on me but I made it in the end. Now all I’ve gotta do is wait until March 18th.

Enough about me though. How are you guys doing? Have you got anything exciting coming up or any stories you’d like tell?
I’d love to hear everything! ❤

Thanks to everyone for reading and sticking around btw, I really appreciate it. The post about Kenya will be up soon so be sure to look out for it!

I hope Monday wasn’t too hard on you guys. If it was I hope tomorrow will be better xx

Cheers everyone! 😀

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